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Cravings for Sweet things

I hypnotised this lady via Video Messenger last week 4 August 2018  This is her reply a week later  "Hi Dave, I feel like its impossible to believe but it seems you've cracked it for me.  1 week of no snacking between meals, No seets,choc, biscuits, secret eating and more importantly no urge to want to which is what caused me the issues.  I can't make 24 hours without my sugar fix usually, yet I haven't even missed it. Oh and I'm 3lb lighter already. Fingers crossed it continues" Thanks so much  Maxine   

Eczema of hands now clear after two months


A couple of months ago I helped a lady who suffered really badly with Eczema of her hands.  After working with her through hypnotherapy her hands are finally normal.

Working with a Stroke Patient (September 2017)


I worked with this lady who had a stroke 5 years previously.  I managed through hypnosis to straighten her foot which had been at an angle of 90 degrees.  I also managed to open her claw hand and keep it open.  I have now given her instructions to work on both using her powerful subconscious mind and physiotherapy.  She brought a DR along with her as a Chaperone but never told me she was a DR till after I had done the treatment.  The DR was very impressed with my treatment using hypnotherapy having never seen it done before.

Fear of Flying (September 2017)

Hi  Dave I would just like to thank you for your help.  For the first time in my flying history I was relaxed, happy and able to enjoy the flight. I cannot thank you enough. Julie T

Weight loss CD (August 2017)

I bought your CD and already reaping the benefits.

Thank you

Jane Ryan

OCD (Treatment july 2017)

Hi Dave my OCD has got so much better, if I do it it's just out of habit and I don't feel anxious or worried.  I now realise how bad I was from every day getting showered, things at home and going shopping. I also handle situations differently, so thank you so much for making me feel a normal healthy human being and not wasting the rest of my lifelike\I did. I wish I had met you all those years ago. Thanks again Dave for what you did.


Chronic Visceral Pain Syndrome

I cannot thank Dave enough, for 12 years I have suffered with Chronic Visceral Pain Syndrome, so many painkillers, even oramorph, not even being able to get out of bed for days, so many operations and a lot of time off work and not able to be a proper mum to my kids. 20 minutes is all it took Dave to change my life, seriously first time in 12 years woke this morning no pain. #awsomerawson

Joanne  Edmundson

Stop Smoking May 2017

Hi Dave had a fab holiday, just arrive home a few hours ago and proud to say I'm still a non smoker. Will keep you posted and thanks for all your help. Craig

Update June 2017

Hi Dave doing well  still not smoking, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks now so really chuffed. Thanks again Craig


July 2017 Another Satisfied Client who suffered with OCD

"Hi Dave,  My OCD has got so much better. I don't feel anxious or worried. I now realise how bad I was from getting showered, things in home and going shopping. I also handle situations differently, so thank you very much for making me feel like a normal human being and not wasting the rest of my life like I did.  I wish I had met you years ago.  So thanks again Dave for what you did. I'm clearing away as I go, also it used to take me a lot longer because of the OCD as it played such a big part of my every day life"


Cannot Thank Dave Enough May 2017

12 years I have suffered with chronic visceral pain syndrome. So many painkillers, even oramorph not being  able to get out of bed for days, so many operations and a lot of time off work and not being able to be a proper mum to my kids.

20 minutes is all it took Dave to change my life. seriously first time I woke this morning no pain. 

A truly modern miracle worker. Simply awesome #awesomerawson

Joanne Edmundson

Fear of Flying Oct 2016

I was on your show at San Miguel Hotel Ibiza and asked for help with my fear of flying. There was a problem with the plane before we took off.  I had no concerns at all really and enjoyed the flight and watched the landing.  I cannot thank you enough amazing.

Help with Anxiety

"Can't recommend highly enough, the HYPNOTHERAPIST - Dave Rawson, having been told of his skills, by some friends who suggested that I go to him for help. I was skeptical a first but also slightly desperate with the situation I found myself in at the time, so was therefore willing to try anything to help solve my particular problem. I suffering from extreme anxiety. The stress & pressure I'd put myself under daily, was unbearable & literally effecting my ability to function, particularly within the work arena. But Dave helped to calm my mind to the point where I could re-focus, rethink and move forward with my life. He did more for me in one session than many of the other forms of therapy I've tried in the past, and it really, really works."

Nail Regrowth November 2015

September 2015 Stopping Smoking

This time a few weeks ago i was on Holiday , i was in Popeyes and Dave Rawson Hypnotist was on, i decided to get up and give it a go , Plus he said he would help any1 wanting to Stop Smoking, Omg i got the DVD of the show and it was Fab, He is amazing and would recommend U go and see him if u get the chance, AND he Helped Me to Give up the Tabs , it has been 45 Days i have been Smoke Free, Thank You so much Dave.Astird Schlinder


Another successful client helped for stopping smoking. "Hello Dave a little update, I haven't had a cigarette since my appointment a few weeks ago. Thank you' Delphine Louis


August 2015

June 2015

"Hi Dave, Thank you for curing my Fear of Flying.  A lot of the nerves had gone away.  I even sat next to the window on the way home which I have never done before. Thank you for everything you have done for me."  Andy

"Day 3 and not one cigarette. I can do this Thank you Dave Rawson you're a Star.Never thought i could Stop Smoking" Lynn


"Hi Dave thank you for your help.I have lost 5KG in one week"  Tom




Cessation from Smoking June 2015

Pain Reduction

Systematic Desensitization

Systematic desensitization is a type of behavioral therapy based on the principle

Overcome her fear of water

Fear of Flying Cured July

Cessation from Smoking July 2015

Treatment for Fear of Bananas

A Stroke Patient moving her arm under Hypnosis Session 1

Stroke Patient Session 2. (2 days Later)


Stroke Patient Day two (Session 2 continuation)